Presentation Software

allows users to create and present information in exciting and dynamic ways, mixing text, images and even videos into a slideshow that illustrates a story.


Three common Presentation Software packages are:
  • PowerPoint - created and supported by Microsoft, purchased as part of the MS Office Suite for both PC and Mac.
  • Keynote - created and supported by Apple, purchased as part of the iWork suite
  • OpenOffice - integrated into the FREE OpenOffice package - downloadable from the web

In our lab, we will be utilizing PowerPoint, but all three packages work in similar fashion and files are often transferrable from one to the other.

Types of Presentations

While presentation software is used in a variety of ways, there are two basic applications
  1. supporting oral presentations (e.g. teacher in a class)
  2. stand-alone packaged presentations (like the TV in the lobby).

For your assignment, we will be looking at creating presentations to support oral presentations.