Word Processing

Word Processor's are a family of computer software that allow for a user to produce a page of pages of material,
normally for printing. The content of these pages would normally include text and images and might also include links, tables and even embedded videos.

A. Formatting Text

Assignment 3

  1. Read the first four pages on this website.

2. Download the following document. Double click to open it in MS Word.

3. Using the tools in the toolbar, do the following.

  • Change the font to Times New Roman
  • Center and bold the Title "Fredericton", make it 18 pt font
  • Move the last paragraph to make it the second paragraph.
  • Double space the whole text. Use the command, not just the space bar!
  • Change the font of the text in the document to 11 pt.

Your document should look like this one when you are done. Save on your desktop and we will print it next week.

B. Adding Images

Fredericton City Hall
Fredericton City Hall
Word Processors are not just for text. Other parts, such as images, may also be inserted into a document to add to the story being told.

Assignment 4

Follow these steps as we explore some ways we can utilize images in documents.

  1. Right click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) on the document "Fredericton Final" above. Save and then open it.
  2. "File - Save As", save the file as Assignment # 4 in "My Documents" (or desktop on the Mac)
  3. Right click (Ctrl - Click on a Mac) on the image to the right, select "Copy Image"
  4. Place the cursor at the beginning of the second paragraph.
  5. Right click and select "Paste".
  6. Click on the newly placed picture, then select Format - Picture.
  7. Click on "Layout" tab, select "Tight".
  8. Resize the image by pulling the grab tabs on the lower left hand corner and pulling towards center.
  9. Move image towards left hand side of page to place properly.

Your document should now look similar to this one.