Unit 2 - Software

In Unit 1, you explored the Parts of the Computer, including the input and output devices that help you use a computer. More specifically, you looked at the various physical components of a computer, more commonly called the hardware.

In this unit, we'll look at the various programs that make the computer function. You may hear these programs also referred to as applications or software. The two you would most commonly be concerned about would be:

  • System software - which is the basic operating software for your computer. The two most common types are Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Macintosh (OSX). Some other computers use another system called Linux.

  • Application software - these are programs with which users may complete tasks. These would include websites, games and work productivity programs. In the next units we will look at three specific types of application software; word processors, presentation software and spreadsheets.


Spend some time on the VIRTUAL COMPUTER.

Go into Microsoft Office Word and start a new document. While you browse the virtual computer, write the answers to the following questions in Microsoft Office Word, in complete sentences.

1. What are the five different software programs we can use on the virtual computer?
2. What is a word processor? What do we use it for?
3. What is a media player? What song plays in the media player on the virtual computer?
4. What is an internet browser? What website do we visit on the virtual computer? What is the secret word hidden in the website?
5. What does a webcam do? What came up on the screen when you took a picture of yourself?
6. What is a game? How many hits did it take to kill the space monster in the video game?
7. What happens when you click on the computer or the trash can?

When you are finished, save your work, raise your hand, and Mr. Whipple will come check your work.

Then you can try some typing games at this website: http://www.freetypinggame.net/play.asp.