Making A Storybook

Have you ever wanted to make your own storybook? The computer can help us make and format our own stories, so that we can print them or share them with others.


Your assignment is to make a page from a storybook. The goal is to take all the pieces provided and make it look exactly like the example. You will learn skills that will let you to make a story book of your own.

Your page should look like this when you are finished:

But how do we get there? Follow the steps!

Step One:

  • Open Microsoft Office Word.
  • Copy the following text, and Paste it onto the empty page.

Once upon a time, there was a grasshopper who loved to frawlic and sing and lay about. He would leap through the grass and chirp, and then spend his days relaxing on a stone, enjoying the summer sun. Sometimes, he would see an ant pass by, toyleng in the heat, carrying a seed or a nut or a bit of corn. The grasshopper saw no need for the ant to work so hard. “Why not come relacks with me in the sun, instead of working all day?” chirped the grasshopper. “You should be relaxing, like me.” The ant replied, “I am trying to put away food for the winter. You should probably do the sayme.” “Why bother?” the grasshopper chirped back. “I have plentee of food right now.” The days of summer came and went and the grasshopper continued to lie in the sun as the ant worked at putting food away for the winter. Finally, the winter came and the grasshopper had no food. He shivvered in the cold, and saw the ant passing by with a seed. “My friend,” churped the hongrey grasshopper, “can you spare me some food? Winter has come and I cannot find any myself.” The cunning ant replied, “You should have spent your summer preparing for winter, like me.” The grasshopper knew the ant was right.

  • Then click on File, click on Save As, name the file Grasshopper.doc, and then press Save.

Step Two:

  • There are eight spelling mistakes in the story. Find them and fix them.
  • Select all the text and then change the font to Georgia, 12 point. Change the colour to black.
  • Select "Once upon a time," and change the font size to 16 point. Click right after it and press Enter to put it on its own line.
  • Go to the very beginning of the text and add a title, "The Ant and the Grasshopper", and make it Georgia, 18 point. Center the title on its own line. Leave an empty line after it for good spacing.
  • Save your work.

Step Three:

  • Make columns. Go down past the title to the beginning of the story, and Select all the text. Then, Format the text into two columns.
  • Double space the text by going Format, and then Paragraph, then Spacing, and selecting Double.
  • Adjust the margins. Change the margins to be 1" Left, 1" Right, 1" Top, and 1" Bottom.
  • Find the paragraphs. Go and make proper paragraphs by pressing Enter. Use the example to see where paragraphs start.
  • Save your work.

Step Four:

  • The finished page has three pictures in it. One of them is a fancy letter that we are going to use at the beginning. Click here to get to the fancy O.
  • Copy it (right click) and then Paste it onto the page. Resize it and then place it at the start of the story, and set its wrapping to Tight. Delete the O in "Once" to make it look right.
  • Save these two pictures to your computer.
  • Then Insert the pictures into your document, Resize and Position them, and set their wrapping to Square. Put them in on the page to match the example.

If you completed all those steps, you're done! If your page doesn't look exactly like the example, try to tweak it to make it look right, or go back and go through the steps again. Please have Mr. Whipple check your story before you go onto the enrichment activity.


If you are finished early, you can re-write the story of the ant and the grasshopper. You can invent a different ending or make something interesting happen to the characters that changes the story. No longer than 1 page, please,


Here is how you are being graded for this assignment:
Product - How much does your finished page look like the example?
4 = Exactly.
3 = Mostly.
2 = Sort of.
1 = Not very much.
0 = Not at all.

Process - How well did you work during the assignment?
4 = Worked very well, had no trouble staying on task.
3 = Worked well, mostly stayed on task.
2 = Worked okay, had trouble staying on task.
1 = Worked poorly, couldn't stay on task.
0 = Did not work at all.