Activity 1 - Starting Your Presentation

Step One
To start your presentation, follow the steps below.
  • PC - click on START (lower left corner of your desktop), select ALL PROGRAMS, select MS Office, select PowerPoint
  • MAC - click on the PPT icon in the dock. If not there, click on the HardDrive icon (top right), click on Application, click on the Microsoft Office folder and then click on the PowerPoint icon.

Step Two
  • Add a Presentation Title / Subtitle (choose a topic that is of interest to you - e.g. hockey, horses, bikes, etc.)
  • From the top menu bar, select INSERT, choose NEW PAGE
  • Add a Page Title (e.g. Cats), and Thesis Statement (e.g. Skateboarding is a great sport so long as you play safely)
  • Find an Creative Commons image from the web - click here to search - right click, copy, and then paste on your Thesis Page.